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Contributor III
Contributor III

Button to change units of measure / Boton para cambiar unidades de medida

Hello community, I have a board with several graphs and charts, and in the quantities I have a column of kilos, however, they asked me if I could add a button, or some object that, when pressed, converts the column of kilos into units, and vice versa.

Thank you in advance for all the help!


Hola comunidad, tengo un tablero con varios gráficos y cuadros, y en las cantidades tengo una columna de kilos, son embargo, me pidieron si se podría agregar un botón, o algún objeto que al presionarlo, la columna de kilos se convierta en unidades, y viceversa.

Desde ya agradezco toda la ayuda!

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Creator II
Creator II

You could make a button that changes a variable.Then use an if statement with this variable to convert your expression into the desired value.

For example, where vConvert is the variable you change with the button:

if($(vConvert)='units', convert kg's to units

if($(vConvert)='kg',show kg's))


Make sure you load vConvert with a value in the load script, otherwise you'll get an error in the chart when the button is not pressed. So put this is the load script:

let vConvert = 'kg'