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we have four doucument in our qlikview project.

we are using windows login as login on access point.

problem is that we have limited number of cal's (small business solution of qlikview)

No of user is litter more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there any solution to tackel this ?(e.g session acces etc)

plz guide

e.g ( we have inventory dash board)

we have created user under active directory which is


now shuld i give this login to all qlikview user's??

or any think else

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Which cals u have doc or named?

as my Knowledge u need to have seperate log in for each user in active directory


Hi ,

1. ask user to give there Domain\Username which they are using to login in your company network.

2. as you say you have limited CAL and no of users are more then first solution is to contact your sales manager

and ask for seprate licence to upgrade from lets say 5 CAL to 10 or 15 DEPENDING ON REQUIREMENT.

3. OR if you have limited licence then then you can free the licence of some user which do not frequentl use

qlikview access point in management console it takes 24 hours to get a licence free from a user.

4. but there is no slution otherwise if you have intailly 5 CAL but 10 users want to logged in altogether

the you need to upgrade the licence.

5. or you may also opt for Enterprise edition licence which have facility of session cal

but in Small business edition there is no seesion cal.