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Calculate Savings on the Item level - average cost

Hi there,

Basically I have list of Items with Sales Qty, Sales Period, Cost Price and Cost Centre. I am comparing average Cost Price between two periods and then multiplying difference by current Sales Qty to see any Savings due to Cost Price change.

Please see attached file - "item level v2"

You can see that in the table "Saving by Item" all Savings numbers and Total number (sum) looks fine. But using the same calculations in the "Saving by Cost Centre" table the numbers are totally different - special Total number. 

For example Cost Centre 106 shows £2,005,968. But when you actually select 106 the top table shows £301 - which is correct.

My question is, how can I display numbers based on the Item level in the "Savings by Cost Centre"? How to calculate correct savings on the different levels?

Thank you for any response,


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All expressions are wrong way. you can keep set analysis properly.

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Hi, I'm sorry, bu not sure what do you mean?


See attached example.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Hi there,

I can see that total numbers work fine. But for example in the "Saving by Cost Centre" table you have £-13,619 and when actually I select 106 it should be £301. I would like to see that number in the Cost Centre view. Is it possible?