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Calculate most recent price point

Greetings experts!

I am attempting to get most recent price per Location, SKU. The issue is that I do not have a fully populated price field I can easily use and I was hoping that there is some Set Analysis hacketry that could get us there.

For each Date, Sku, Location price would be defined by a record of same, or preceding date, of the same SKU code and location.

In following example we're determining a price for the SKU 'ZYX4321', Location 2 on the date of 20130102


Since the records are ordered by the date, we would navigate up the list to find latest record with a price and matching SKU, Location


QVW with my attempted solution is attached. Any help or insights you might have are greatly appreciated!


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See attached example.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
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Thank you for the helpful answer Gysbert, unfortuntely, due to the constraints that are both long and boring I can not approach implementation in any other way than by using set analysis.