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Creator II
Creator II

Calculate percentage increase


I have created a straight chart showing the number of discharges as a percentage over the whole week;

The Expressions I've used so far are these:

Jun 2019 - "Sum({<Sheet_name={'Wansbeck'},MonthYear={'Jun 2019'}>}[Total WGH Medical])"

Jun 2020 - "Sum({<Sheet_name={'Wansbeck'},MonthYear={'Jun 2020'}>}[Total WGH Medical])"

Both have the "Relative" box ticked

Difference between Jun 2019 & Jun 2020 - "Column(2) - Column(1)"

Percentage increase - "Column(3) / Column(1)"

However the maths doesn't work.

The difference column should show "-6.56%" and the percentage increase would show "-38%"

Obvously i've got something wrong in the expression - can anyone help.

I'm wanting to recreate the Excel picture in QlikView.

Excel - 

Excel View.jpg

QlikView - 

QlikView View.jpg

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

I think the problem is caused by applying math to columns that have the "Relative" setting. I don't think these two things work well together. In order to be able to use these columns in other expressions, I'd recommend replacing the "Relative" settings with a manual calculations of the same - something like:


Sum(Value)/sum(Total Value)

Then I'd expect to see correct math between the columns.