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Contributor III
Contributor III

Calculated Text Colour in A Custom Format Not Working

Here is my issue. I have a Straight Table where want to change the text color using a calculated color. My chart has no dimensions so it is just the labels that need to change color. The font color for a straight table is set by style so I have to use a custom format.

I right click and select 'Custom Format Cell' on my label.

I select Text Color.

I select Calculated.

I add my formula.

The color returns the correct font color and that color is applied. The formula however is not saved. When the chart changes and the color of the text should change it does not. When I go back into the Calculated field the expression has not been saved.

Is this a known issue. Is there a work around? Is there another way to do what I am attempting?

Thanks in advance.

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Champion III
Champion III

yeah i tried but its nt working for me


AFAIK QV saves only the result colour in custom formats.It does not save the colour expression, only the value of the expression at the time you add the custom format.

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Sunny T solution works perfectly fine for me. I'm using QV 11.2 SR13. It works without any problems. Even when I open "Custom format cell" window and close it it makes any difference.



Contributor III
Contributor III

I downloaded SR13 and made my changes and it seems to work ok. I deployed it on our server which is SR2 and it still seems to be working ok. So it seems that this functionality is a bit hit and miss depending on your version of QV.

Thanks to everyone who helped.