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Creator II
Creator II

Calculating expressions HELP

In short; Must get the app to calculate measurements.

We have two fields in the application, "kWh" and "STAND"
kWh stamps a value per hour.
Stand stamps a value per week (7 equal values ​​per day of the week).

I want the application to take first STAND + day usage and create its own state for those days it does not stamp updated status from db.

For example:

Figures from application                     Calculated condition

STAND pr 01.01.2017: 0125000

Consumption 01.01.2017: 100 kWh          Condition: 0125000
Consumption 02.01.2017: 120 kWh          Condition: 0125100
Consumption 03.01.2017: 110 kWh          Condition: 0125220
Consumption 04.01.2017: 0 kWh             Condition: 0125330
Consumption 05.01.2017: 0 kWh             Condition: 0125330
Consumption 06.01.2017: 50 kWh           Condition: 0125330
Consumption 07.01.2017: 75 kWh           Condition: 0125380
Consumption 08.01.2017: 0 kWh             Condition: 0125455

Stand pr 08.07.2017: 0125455

Tips for expressions that can be used?

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Not entirely sure I understand the requirement... would you be able to share a sample and explain what you need within that sample?

Creator II
Creator II

I want to calculate a field that gives me the result to the right in the example.

Like, i only have STAND, one unique value pr week. I want to take that number and multiply with daily consumpsion.


May be this

Sum(STAND) + RangeSum(Above(Sum(Consumption), 0, RowNo()))