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Partner - Contributor

Call SOAP & run task from web(PHP) with QMC

Hello Team

Currently I am using QlikView server 12 as the version on my server, when I call SOAP web service to run a task at QMC level
When I call the web service from the web with a PHP script, I get an error telling me that there are two services API namely IQMS and IQMS with the error that mentions this variable: IQTService_Ping_InputMessage
the script objective is to launch a task from the web with the RunTask function using a SOAP Web Service
On version 11.2 the script works fine, but on version 12.0.2 the task does not run from the portal with the same script that we set up on 11.2

When I call a #SOAP web service, what does it return as a result?

and how to specify which service considering that on 12.0.2 there are two unlike to 11.2 ?

How could I fix this problem?

a script that allows you to launch a task from the portal that connects to the QMC to run a task?

how to use the methods of a single service or directory when calling a SOAP ?

unfortunately I have been stuck for a long time despite my various searches, thank you in advance for your help and guidance

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