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Can I stop QlikView from exhausting memory and hanging the OS?

I have a fairly large QlikView document, a 75 MB file.  It loads, and I can work on it to some extent OK.  However, if I open a tab which contains a table which includes a significant fraction of the data, QlikView gradually uses more and more memory, while displaying the X-ed out table and an unmoving progress bar, until it hits 2.5 GB or so and the whole computer hangs, forcing a hard power-cycle.  The only alternative is to kill the qv.exe process before it exhausts memory.  Even closing the app doesn't help, as the process remains live until killed with Task Manager or similar.

I'm using QlikView 10.  I have 3 GB of physical memory, and no great load upon this, maybe half a gig of this and that, not counting QlikView.  I get this behavior even on a clean boot, with all user apps shut down and even unnecessary services stopped.

What can I do to prevent QlikView from runaway memory allocation?  Under Settings | User Preferences | General | Working Set Limits (%), I've turned down the maximum amount of memory allowed to 80%, and even down to 30%, but QlikView blows right past that "limit" and brings the whole computer to its knees.

The QlikView process uses about 400 MB of memory immediately after opening, on the home page which just has filters and some high-level summarized data.  It's definitely the table tab that's a problem.  Filtering to only display a few records of data does not help.

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