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Partner - Contributor

Cascading or Nested Alternate States

I have a requirement to show engagement for a series of emails, and we want to see how recipients react with successive emails through the journey.  I have this set up and working using set analysis in variables and dynamic expressions, but I'm wondering if there is a better, more efficient way of achieving this (and maintaining it). 

I have attached a sample document for reference.  Basically what should happen is that the user makes a selection in AltState1 then each subsequent State takes the profiles included in the previous state and overlays it's own filters, the 3rd state takes profiles that are included in States 1 and 2, etc. As of now, I'm using intersections in set analysis to accomplish this:

Set1: {<EmailSent_count = {'>0'}>}

Set2: {<EmailSent_count = {'>0'}>*<em_ProfileID = p({Set1<EmailSent_count = {'>0'}>} em_ProfileID)>} ... and so on

I'm setting this all up in variables so I can piece the bits of set analysis code together as needed for each chart, making it as modular as I know now, but i wonder if there is a better way.  Also would be nice if this rule considering previous States would affect the possible values showing in each state's filters.

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Best I can offer are the following:

Hopefully they may be of some help to confirm if you have done best practices with things.


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