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Change selection color

Hi everyone!

I'm in trouble with changing selection color after switching dashboards from a server to another.

A few months ago, I created a dashboard and users wanted the selection color of listbox to be orange.

I achieved the goal thanks to this link: Change selection color

It all works fine, but right now, we have to switch our server to another.

The old architecture was simple.

We had just one server, with QV 11 istalled and QvServer, Management Console and Access Point all together available on that machine. We didn't own a Publisher license

The new architecture is a bit different.

QV 12 is installed, we have two clustered servers with Qv Server and Access Point available. We have another server with Publisher available, too.

The source documents are organized by different folders on the "Publisher machine", the users documents are all distributed by publisher in one generic folder on the "Publisher machine" too.

So, I moved the dashboards, mounted the folders, created the triggers and performed some reloads.

It all works fine, but when I access the dashboard from the Access Point the selection color is green.


I re-tested the macro, re.deployed everything and I even added OnOpen and OnPostReload triggers executing the macro.

Nothing seems working.

Then, i tried to change the macro, using the one suggested by Harshal in the same link before.

Failure again.

The most annoying thing is this: when i open both the source document and the "after-distribution" user document using the Qv Client installed on the "Publisher machine", it works as usual.

I can see the red selection color as in the image:


So, I supposed the problem subsists on the way the pusblisher executes the macro and / or the way the access point on the new server renders it.

I really don't understand and I'm wasting my days on it...

Please, help!



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