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Chart Average line value -> use it in other chart

UPDATE: I added sample:

load script loads excel file with date / value 1

this is shown in first chart: together with internal average line.

and i need to know this average value to use it in a second chart:

e.g. this second chart uses other values but those values need to be coloured if they are higher or lower than the average value of the first diagram ?

My question is: can we get this value within module scripts ?


how can I use a chart average (trend line) value in another diagramme ?

is there any possibility to read this average value (trend line) within a macro ? like and then the average value ?

I could not find any solution.

Thanks for your help.

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Would you be able to share an example of what you are trying to do? May be it is doable without a macro? Not really sure until we see more details


Am not sure if I totally understand the requirements.

Can you capture the average in an expression/variable? and use that as a "reference line" under Presentation tab of the chart properties?

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added example data


Is this what you are looking for?


Where the avg line is created using this expression:

Avg(TOTAL Aggr(Sum([Messwert 1]), Datum))

and background color using this:

If(Column(1) > Column(2), LightGreen(), LightRed())

Where Column(1) is your expression for the bar [Messwert 2] and Column(2) is the Avg expression from above (Avg(TOTAL Aggr(Sum([Messwert 1]), Datum)))

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thanks for your help.

however I have still one question about conditional coloring of the chart rows:

I know tha in diemnsion or expression I can use background coloring in an if expression.

BUT: I have 5 rows in a chart.

each row-value has to be compared to the value of a related variable.

so: field1 (of row1) compared to variable1, field2 (of row2) compared to variable2 ....

how is this possible:

with the expression RowNo and building nested if clauses ?

or which are the options,

thanks again


5 rows in a chart? I am not entirely sure I understand your question. Can you elaborate a little?

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‌sorry 5 rows in a table box, not chart.


Can you provided an updated sample with the expected output?

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i added a sample for this problem