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Chart Visibility Based on Selected Value?

Hello Everyone,

Can you please help into this:

I have three buttons, like by city, by region and by country, when i click on the city the table with ( City + col 1 + col 2) should show, same like other buttons. This is fine,

I have one more table like Month+Col1+Col2, This table should show when i select the particular moth in the list box.

Please suggest me how to achieve this based on the selected value in list box.

Thank you in advance

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I just did it, This is the way i want

Thank you all for your responses

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Go to chart properties

Layout tab

Show >> Conditional

Enter below expression


Specialist III
Specialist III

Use this:

=GetSelectedCount(Write The Name of the field you are using in List Box on whose Selction you want to Show the  table(Month+Col1+Col2),1) 

Your Syntax should be like this:


See the Snapshot to see where to add the conditional Expression:

Conditional Hide_Show.png


Aviral Nag

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Hello Aviral,

Thanks for your response, I tried it, but i am getting below attached error, Please look into thisCapture1.PNG.png

Specialist III
Specialist III

See the Attachment.

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Hi Sreeharhsa,

you have entered the calculation condition on the general tab, instead of the layout tab show condition (shown in Nag's screenshot)

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I got it Nag, it is working with your reply, Thanks

when  i clicked on the month from list box table is showing, but if i click on City button the month chart is not showing,

Please help me in that

Specialist III
Specialist III

You can use Multiple conditions:

GetSelectedCount(Month,1) OR GetSelectedCount(City,1)

Specialist III
Specialist III


plese find the attached file

i hope it will help you

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Hello Nag,

I will give you details information: Please help

When i click on the City button: The table is showing like below:

City    RoomSold   Revenue

XXX     234               1234

When i click on the Country button: The table is showing like below:

City    RoomSold   Revenue

YY     234               1234

here i used condition like this vviewmode=City to show and hide by button< the chart should show in the same place

Now i have one list box, Lets say Region, if click on any value in the list box, the chart should appear having below values

Month RoomSold Revenue

Jan     123                    2343

Feb     123                    132431

till this i am done

now the problem is when i click on city my city chart is not showing