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Combo Chart - Values On Top

Is there any easy way (or any way) to force values to always be on top in a combo chart? For example see below, the values that I've plotted within my bars are below my y-axis line expressions. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Cheers.

error loading image

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I don't know how to force them on top, but maybe it would sort of work if you used the background color expression to make the lines transparent enough to read through, like argb(100,255,180,100). Not sure it'll make the chart better overall, though, since then the lines won't be as clear.

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John - Wow as a newbie I was happy to see that you responded, I've been using a lot of your posts in different areas as examples to get up to speed. Thanks.

So I did try playing with the colors but you're right, if you lighten them than you really can't see them very well. But you got me thinking what if I changed the solid line to a dotted line. The post 17114 was very valuable in figuring out how to display dotted lines and how to play with the weight of the line (http://community.qlik.com/forums/t/17114.aspx).

Unfortunetely looks like there is no solution for forcing values to be on top but as you can see below playing with the line properties does help. Thanks again.