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Master II
Master II

Common calendar for ISO and YTD calculation


I have created a ISO calendar based on hic‌'s blog (Redefining the Week Numbers


Sample Inputs of user's selection - Year : 2017; Week : 1; End date : 10/10/2017

1. When the year alone is selected in the calendar, i need the YTD report to fetch dates from first of the year till the user selected date (Dates filtered should be from 1/1/2017 till 10/10/2017)

2. When both week and year are selected in the calendar, i need the weekly report to fetch dates from start of the week based on ISO calendar

(Dates filtered should be from 1/2/2017 till 1/8/2017)

Issue: We have quite a few existing reports facing the same problem and would require any assistance for making this change at the backend or any other method to achieve the requirements apart from the front end change (Since too many reports and would cause so much re-work )

ISO week checking

Week Numbers for 2017

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