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Comparing apples to apples - common values


I came across this challenge that I am not quite sure how to make it work.

I want to compare two groups of providers.

The thing is that in order to have an apples to apples comparison I want to consider only those SKUs that are common to both dimensions, that is, those SKUs sold by both groups.

I was thinking of two alternatives being the first a flag in the script and the second some set analysis magic.

I'm not really quite sure on which path to follow.

Has anyone done anything similar?

Thanks in advance.

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is all of the data in the same tables or multiple?  If they are in multiple, a left join may give you waht you want since your remaining table should be data that is common the both tables

If it is within the same table , based on your explanation, set analysis should work, but without seeing the data and how you need to compare, can't say for sure that it would work

more information and/or sample data would be agreat help


Have you considered alterante states?

Try creating two alternate states to make your selections you want to compare (i.e. to define the two sets), then

use set analysis to filter the SKU, something like

=Sum({State1<SKU = p({State1}) * p({State2}) >} Amount)


=Sum({State2<SKU = p({State1}) * p({State2}) >} Amount)


Is is possible to share a sample of your data, or at least a screenshot of your datamodel?