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Concatenate TableName with associated FieldName using GetFieldSelections

Hi Folks,

I use Text Object and I am trying to concatenate Tablename with Fieldname using GetFieldSelections().

For example, TableA has a1,a2,a3,a4 fields. TableB has b1,b2,b3 fields. TableC has c1,c2,c3 fields.

When I select fields a1,b2,c3 which are in different list boxes, it shows TableA,TableB,TableC/a1,b2,c3 in Text Object if I use =GetFieldSelections(%TableName)&'/'&GetFieldSelections($Field) or concat(GetFieldSelections(%TableName)&'/'&GetFieldSelections($Field)) or concat() or =concat(GetFieldSelections(%TableName))&'/'&concat((GetFieldSelections(%FieldName)))

But I need to see TableA/a1,TableB/b2,TableC/c3.

Could you please help me with this.

Note:I can use concat($TableName&'/'&$Field) to get result but the performance is dead slow on user selections.


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