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Contributor III
Contributor III

Conditional Expressions - Stacked Bar Chart

I have a Stacked bar chart which has case count broken down into Intial VS Followup (buttons has different conditional expressions ))

I need to hide and show based on certain button conditions. 

1. If I select Show Initial case button , only bar for should show up Initial cases and respective counts.

2. If I select 'FollowUpCases button', only bar for Followup should show up and their respective counts.

3. If no selections are made, then the bars should show sum of all the Counts(Intial+Followup) (stacked)

4. If no selections are made, then the bars should show side by side instead of stacked sum of all the Counts(Intial+Followup)



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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi @Anuhyak1 ,

You first must declare the variable, from Settings\Vriable Overview, like this  :




Then you can use your variables, in the conditional property if the desired expression, like this :