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Conditional visability based on multi-box selection


I've been trying to solve this problem for quite a while now and went back just as many pages in the community.

The proble is, that I want to show/ hide an input-box which includes the values for a variable as the basis for a graph. the graph is part of a mult-box and thus I would like to hide the input-box whilst the other selections of the input-box are visible.

My question therefore is:

- How can I detect if a an object is currently visible?

Thank you very much


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Former Employee
Former Employee

I am not sure if you can check the 'visible' property of an object, but you can check the value of a field or variable upon which an objects visibility is determined. So if you have a variable, and set that variable using a button to 1 or 0, then you can hide or display an object based on that value via the object display condition. As that variable is part of the UI 'environment' you can always reference the value.

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Hello Mathew,

we've done this in the past, but the multiboxes are just easier and quicker to set up in a decent looking way.

I was just wondering, if the mutlibox had an internal variable that it set, like (Multibox_1= 3) which could be used. Has anyone ever used one of these?

Kind regards


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Hi Jens,

I think what Lee means is to use a variable like vVisible = 1 or 0. Then set the visibility of the Multibox by using vVisible. Now you can reference vVisible again from any other object which means you'll know indirectly if the Multibox is visible.