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Connecting QVS to publisher (Multiple Machines, AWS)

Hi everyone!

I am trying to setup multiple servers for Qlikview, 3 altogether (1 with QMC and Publisher, 1 with QVS, and 1 IIS server). I am having issues connecting my QVS server to my QVP server. I am on Amazon EC2's instances. I made sure to open up all tcp and UDP between my subnet and I come up with this error when I type in the URL:


I feel like I'm missing an important step. Any direction would be appreciated.



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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Are those machines present in a domain? Is the service account that is running the services on the different machines the same and is it a domain account? If not, you'll need to supply login credentials in the QMC for each serviuce that wishes to contact another. In System->Setup->Service, there is a Login tab specifically designed to do that.


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Thanks for the answer. When you say present in a domain do you mean present in the same subnet? Or something different? What's the best way I could check my login credentials for QVS? Was it the same credentials I had to put in when installing QVS on the other server?