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Contributor II
Contributor II

Converting Time Stamps from user-local time to fixed timezone

I am working with a data set where all time-stamps are in the local time of global users.  To understand what local times mean in UTC or Eastern-Standard standard times I have to combine three fields:

- DateTimeStamp (e.g., 5/6/2019 14:00)

- FromUTC (e.g., -5, 0, 8, etc.)

- ObserveDST (Yes/No)


For example, if a user in California logs in 9 am Pacific:

- DateTimeStamp = 5/6/2019 09:00

- FromUTC = -8

- ObserveDST = Yes


If I want to build a dashboard around a specific time-zone such as Eastern US or UTC, how can I convert this data to a static timezone? I've been trying to work backwards with the ConvertToLocalTime formula; however I cannot seem to get anywhere changing from a fixed timezone to local times.


Thank you for any help / examples you can provide!


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Contributor III
Contributor III

i have a similar issue. i am using Qlik Sense Business cloud product which uses GMT time for all time and date functions.  i am in time zone GMT-5.  can i use a SET statement to change my date and time functions to  the GMT-5 time zone?  If so, what would the SET statement be?