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Corrupt PDF After Saving Qlik Entity Report

I recently migrated to a new server with the same exact config files and IIS settings as my old server.  We are now experiencing an issue when a user generates a Qlik entity report (PDF) from AccessPoint (a QVW) it will generate perfectly fine and render/display in the browser.  Once a user tries to download and/or save that file to their local machine and then open it, it is corrupt and Adobe will not open the file.  This did not occur on the previous server.  Any ideas?

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Believe this is most likely a result of the PDF file not being available on the QVS side, would ensure the file is populating to either of the following places:


QlikView Management Console (QMC)\System\Setup\QlikView Server resource\Folders tab\Alternate Temporary Files... location

The files should be appearing in one of those two locations and need to be sure they are still there when the user attempts to actually download the file.  There is a Settings.ini setting that may be in play too:

Server Temp file timeout

About all of which I can think other than anti-virus etc. or something in IIS messing with things if you are using IIS instead of the QlikView Web Server.  May want to consider using client web browser Dev Tools to trace things or Fiddler to try to see what is going on in further detail that way.


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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Still not working, followed all these steps but my concern continues to be we never see any files generated in the TEMP folder you reference. Can we get a quick screenshare scheduled?