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Counting customers who are new to a product

Hi and thanks in advance.

We have a customer database where each customer has a unique ID.

I am trying to identify customers who have never made a purchase of a product previously.

So if I wanted to calculate the number of sales to an existing or new customer these would be included.

Help with the expression or scrip would be very helpful.

Thanks again.

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Try maybe something like

count({<CustomerID = {"=sum(Sales)=0"}>} DISTINCT CustomerID)

to identify the Customers without Sales.


Thanks Swuehl - that seems to work although when I use in a pivot I'm loosing one of the dimensions which is a month.

What I would like to show is if a CustomerID was created in the past and had an agreement number, they would not be counted, if however the CustomerID was created in the past and had no agreement number then but had one created last week - I would be able to show that customer as a count for last week.

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Something similar but I'm getting an error.

Need to get a fix on this.

Im looking at new concepts that appear in the new start_period.

Kindly have a look at the snapshot which covers both the front (table box)

Ex: The "zein" concept though it is OLD it is marked as NEW. Kindly help Untitled.png and the backend script.

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Hi Shanmukha

Start new thread this will confuse people. Read following links.



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hi devang,

sorry for that, was browsing through forum and ended up posting that as i

encountered a similar problem.

I created a new thread and got a response as well.

It is good to be part of such an active community.