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Counting people per Month

Counting people per Month

I have an active staff count using the following Set Analysis:

Count {{StartDate = {"<= $ (vMaxDate)"}, EndDate = {"> = $ (= MonthStart (vMaxDate))"}>} DISTINCT

, Where vMaxDate is = Max (DateNum)

And I want to make a table with the months of the year, where I can have the active staff count as the following example of High ...


I can not put the months of the year, the dimension in the table is Month (StartDate), but for the active staff does not work ...

Someone who can help me ???

2 Replies
Master III
Master III

Not able to understand much but your set expression needs correction -

1. You reversed the comparison, you should use enddate where you have used start date and vice versa.

2. Also '<' missing in the start.

Check if this works, ensure your dates are of date type and  using same date format across -

Count {<EndDate = {"<= $(=Date($(vMaxDate),'Your date format'))"}, StartDate = {"> = $ (= MonthStart (Date($(vMaxDate),'Your date format'))"}>} DISTINCT


Hi Rene,

Maybe you can share an example of your app?