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Creator II
Creator II

Create a tiered bar chart

I was wondering if anyone could help.

In the style tab of the chart properties box i was wanting to use the final option in the lefthand column of the 'Look' section:


I've got three expressions and one dimension and would like the layout that's shown in the icon rather than what shows in the 'Preview' box. eg, i'd like the blue bars at the back and then the red in front with the green ones right at the front.


Is it possible?

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I think your used combination of dimensions and expressions didn't fit to this kind of chart-style. You may create a dummy-app with a few inline-records to play a bit with various dimensions-expression-combinations to create such style. After that you know how you would need to adjust your final chart and then deciding if you could change it appropriate respectively if it would be worth the needed efforts ...

- Marcus


You can convert your three expressions into one expression and an additional (second) synthetic dimension using something like this:


second dimension:



combined single expression:

=Pick(Match(ValueList('NameOfYourExpression1', 'NameOfYourExpression2', 'NameOfYourExpression3'),   'NameOfYourExpression1', 'NameOfYourExpression2', 'NameOfYourExpression3'),
             <replace with your expression 1>,
             <replace with your expression 2>,
             <replace with your expression 3>



see also: 
(just picking one random community example)

hope this helps



Creator II
Creator II

Thank you and huge apologies for the delay in coming back to you.

That has almost solved it. Although as you can see from the image theres clearly something i need to adjust:


What haven't i done?





It looked as if there is any TOTAL and/or any aggr() dimensionality within your expression not granular enough.

If you have applied the suggestion from Marco with the valuelist() you couldn't use this synthetic dimension within the aggr() or TOTAL. In this case you may move the logic into the script and creating the values with an inline-load as an island-table.

- Marcus

Creator II
Creator II


(sorry, totally confused now lol)

So in my Dimensions I have 'Org' which would give the difference between the business units and then '=ValueList('Pocket QI','Leading for Improvement','Total')' which is based on the earlier responce.


My expressions are: