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Cumulative in a PivotTable (Cumulatif dans un tableau croisé dynamique)

Hello, I'm trying to do a cumulative  in a crosstab, however, when the value of actualvalue field is null, the formula is simply not able to do a cumulative. I tried with all possible IF function to ensure that even if the value is null, to put 0  instead in order to make a cumulation, but nothing works.

Is there a way to by passed this situation so that even if the field ACTUAL_VALUE is null then the formula works correctly.

if (isnull (aggr (rangesum (Above (sum ({<revenutype = {"* test *"},oppCode,statecodename=,statecode=,statecode={1},closeprobability=>}actualvalue)),0,RowNo()),Vendor,MonthYear))

, 0

, aggr (rangesum (Above (sum ({<revenutype = {"* test *"},oppCode,statecodename=,statecode=,statecode={1},closeprobability=>}actualvalue),0,RowNo())),Vendor,MonthYear))

Thank you.

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