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Contributor II
Contributor II

Current Year Quarter Value (vs) Previous Year Quarter Value


I have a fields 'Month' & 'Order amount' for that month. I need to show the % of difference in order amount for  previous year quarter order amount vs this year quarter.

eg: 2014Q1 : % difference between 2014Q1 & 2013Q1

      2013Q2 : % difference between 2014Q2 & 2013Q2

      and so on.....

I can create Quarters based on the month, but how can i show the difference between this year Quarter amount vs Previous year same quarter?


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Creator III
Creator III

Hello Pradeep,

You will have to built a set analysis to solve your issue.

But first you will have to build a master calendar so you have individual year, month and quarter fields.

, KR Koen

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Hey PFA,

you can use a pivot table and choose month as the first dimension and each quarter as the second dimension. Now you can use set analysis: Create a column with the order amount of 2013. Could be: =count({1<Year={2013}>} [Order amount])

the second column could be: =count(Order amount)

This column can be selected in the dashboard (year 2014).

To show the difference of both years/quarters use a third columne with the set: =(Column(2)-Column(1))/ Column(1)

to get the difference in % you have to change the properties under the section Numbers!

Hope that will help!

Best regards