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Custonmized straight table

We have two straight table chart in the application-

1. Open VS closed ticket details.

I want to show default is closed on the stratight table if any one click on open treand chart( beside straight table) then straight table will refresh with open data.

2. in the second straight table i don't want to show expression.

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Apprecite your quick response

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Partner Ambassador/MVP


first let me give you a tip about this forum - when you add a secondary comment, like you did here, it looks to people like the questions was already answered, and most experts will simply ignore the question, so you actually decrease your chances for a timely resolution... Just stay patient, someone will answer, especially if you formulate your issue in the best possible way.

Now, to your specific questions...

1. Your first table is not a Straight Table, but rather a Table Box. There is very little you can do to limit the contents of the Table Box. You should really convert it into a Straight Table and then use Set Analysis in your expression in order to limit the content. I'll explain that in a moment.

2. In order to hide the Expression (for both tables), open the Properties>Presentation, highlight the Column that contains the Expression in the list, and check the box Hide Column.

3. Now, to the question of limiting the content in the first Straight Table. If I understand your logic correctly, you want to show Closed entries by the default, and switch to Open entries only if Open was selected in the trend chart, right? I'd formulate it like this (I'm using simplified field names in my example, you'll need to formulate it correctly for your data):

IF( only(Status) = 'Open',

      sum( {<Status = 'Open'>} 1)

,  // ELSE

      sum({<Status='Close'>} 1)


This Set Analysis expression will select only Open entries when the status Open is selected, or only Closed Entries when either Close is selected or no status selection was made (that's how I understood your initial requirement.

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Oleg Troyansky

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yes sir..your are 100% correct.

1st one column hide- Working fine.

2nd one- please  help where can I write set expression.

Many thanks for your help.