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Specialist II
Specialist II

Data Model

Hello All,

Please help me in daat modeling,

Following is the structure which we have to follow


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What is your problem?

Do you have all these tables?

What issue you are facing?

From this image , you are getting circular loop. To avoid that, you need to do two things:

1) Comment/Rename/Delete Related ECR No from ECO table

2) Comment/Rename/Delete Related EC0 No from MCO table

After these you would be having a Star Schema...

Hope this will help!!


You will not be able to implement the structure in your diagram due to the loops (multiple possible pathways between fields). It is hard to give you specific advice without a lot more knowledge of your system and requirements, but the two general methods for multiple fact monitoring are link tables or concatenation/joining of the tables.These documents may help:

Advanced topics for creating a qlik datamodel

More advanced topics of qlik datamodels

If these are not clear to you, I suggest that you start with a simpler model, and then once you have mastered that, try more complex models like this one. Or contact a Qlik partner in your area for assistance.

Logic will get you from a to b. Imagination will take you everywhere. - A Einstein
Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Nitin,

if you want perform a data molding based on current diagram you can probably do a following steps.

1) You have to break this loop.

2) Join ECR & ECO to get related ECR No and Join ECO & MCO to get related ECO No.

3) Keep PCR table at center table.

4) Rest all things are correct.



Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the reply,

I understand the concepts but the requirement is so that I am having 5 tables and the relation between these tables were shown as per image.

Now I have to create these relations into QV data model ,

I cannot comment any of the relation to build star of just to remove the loop.

Actually IN PCR Table I am having related ECR,ECO and MCO numbers ,

while ECR, ECO and MCO tables are just like a hierarchy, where ECR can be parent to ECO and ECO to MCO.

These all three can directly be child of PCR.

Hope now Iam able to provide better understanding of requirement.




PCR would be your fact table,

as I have already suggested you, you would be maintaing the same relationship.

Also if you are not dropping any field, but you need to follow the approach to build a model or relationship.

Even building a model is all about relationship and those relationship will automatically create the schema.

Specialist II
Specialist II

Yes this can definately create the star but renaming or deleting these fields will break the relations of

ECO & aMCO and even ECR & ECO.

This is not acceptable.

Actually its type of hierarchy


So ECO is having Related ECR, while MCO is having Related ECO.

Now these tables may be having direct parents as PCR ,/

So ECR can have a PCR, or ECO can have a PCR or MCO can have a parent PCR.

Contributor III
Contributor III

hiii ,

You can use joins to remove loops btw tables.


No need to worry, you just rename and when you wud create relationship, through PCR table you would be able to access all these info.

like: PCR->ECR, PCR->ECO etc