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DataWarehouse, DataVault, schemes etc. - where does QV fit in?


I'm just reading up a bit on the general area of "Business Intelligence" - there are a lot of termini floating about - Data_Integration, DataWarehouses, DataVault and others - and I'm trying to think out just where QlikView would fit in this picture.

This is a very basic question, so I guess there is a document or something available here on the Community that can explain this.

The most difficult thing about searching for something here on the Community is mostly that I don't know what terminus I should use as a search_term ...

Maybe somebody can just point me at something suitable here? I am not new to QlikView, but I put this post into that category because it's a very basic question which, I guess, is usually asked before deciding on the purchase of the tool ...

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Hi DataNibbler,

I need to do a Data Vault Model for a Data Warehouse project, just like you mentioned on your post long time ago.

I'm surprised you got no answers on this topic.

I'd like to know if you have some information about this particular topic and if you could point me to some author, article or website that shows how Data Vault Modeling/Scheema is compatible (or not) with Qlik.




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