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Define Area with Latitude and Longitude in Area Map for QlikView

Hey guys,

I am working on a project right now where I need to define areas using QLIKVIEW, I realized the the Area Layer is my best best for that.

After doing some research I came to the conclusion that in order to define polygons in QLIKVIEW, I need to specify coordinates as a string. Very much like this:

e.g. [[[[33.014572,-87.370018],[33.020852,-87.404159],[33.090782,-87.321813]]]

I have attached a copy of the file I'm working on. As you may notice, I have a problem: my coordinates are divided into two columns, Latitude and Longitude. I need a code statement that will allow me to concatenate both coordinates and tie them up with a specific area in order to define a single area. Can anybody help me out with this?

P.S.: By the way, I am trying to define Shale Plays, not Basins.

Thank you in advance!

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