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Contributor III
Contributor III

Desktop client keeps asking for valid licence key

Dear all,

After upgrading our QV server and all desktop clients to version 10, we experience some strange behaviour when logging on to the desktop client.

Everytime a user starts the desktop client, he/she is prompted for a valid licence key.

We have a so called small business server licence, which means we have to register the server with the licence key and then lease the licence key to every user. This leasing is done by switching on the CAL license lease in the server management console and then connecting the desktop client to the server.

Even though the CAL distribution switch is on, and the desktop has been connected to the server, the user is prompted for a valid licence key every time he/she opens the desktop client.

Has any of you experienced this behaviour? And if so, how was the issue solved?

Many thanks in advance.

Olaf Joppe.

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Did noone get back to you from Dec 13th 😞

I am seeing the same problem - even if I eneter the full licence key and LEF manually it says licence key Validation Successful but does not seem to store the key as it persists in believing it is still Personal Editon.

Any answers anyone? Thanks.. Philip

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Hi ,

You can check this by updating QlikView 10 with SR1 release.



Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


This error is due to different licence key in ur qv developer and server.

please follow

1. Open Qlikview Developer.

2. Remove the licence key from Tool- User Preference.

3. Save

4. Again lease the licence.

Good Luck


Reason behind this issues is that you qlikview registry is not updatating when you connect to server.

registry will update if and only if user have admin rights for the system they are using.

when you connect to server at that time it temporary create lease license but unable to save it and thats why It promted for valid license everytime.