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Creator II
Creator II

Diffrence between QVS and txt file

What is diffrence beteween include .txt file or include .qvs file?

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III


A .qvs file is a .txt file containing (part of) a QlikView script.

The extension .qvs is used to signal some text editors that they should highlight QlikView keywords and constructs. For that to happen, you need to load a syntax definition file in your text editor configuration. Check out Notepad++ for an example.

However, you can call them whatever you like (even MyProgram.QlikViewScript) and include them just the same.


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text file and qvs both or same

while exporting the script into notepad u will give file type as .qvs

like that while saving if u want text file u can give .txt file

here these files we will load through include statment

qvs file will get extension in script  qvs.config

text file is  will get like  txt.config