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Dimension Limits - Top 80%

Can someone tell me why when I use the Dimension Limit 80% of Relative Total Using Largest Value, the lowest value is included?

Below are all my values sorted Descending (this is the first expression and I only have one Dimension)

All Values.PNG

and this is what I get when I set the dimension limit to accumulate to 80% of Relative Total Using Largest Value



shouldn't the record with a total of $5000 come next?

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Can you post a Qlikview document that demonstrates the problem?

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What is the sort order on your chart set to?

I would try sorting by Y-Value - descending


Try selecting the "Include Boundary Values" and see if that helps.




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Sorry I can't post the document, confidential info.

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When I select include Boundary Values, the record totaling $5000 is added to the results but the -110 still shows up.Boundary Values.PNG

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You can't sort by y-values in a straight table (x & y don't exist).  I tried sorting my dimension with first priority descending by the same expression formula and that didn't change anything.

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I added a % of total column and this is confusing me even more.  You reach 80% at the 10,265 line, so why are the other 3 included?  Is it sorting individual records and taking the top 80% before aggregation and then including records that aren't in the 80% in the aggregated result?

Percent of Total.PNG

Every day I work in QV I wish I was working in Tableau again.


May be you want to restrict negative values in your expression, because negative value potentially reduces the total to be under 80%

{<Invoice = {'>0'}>}

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Master III

Hi Jessica,

I have already noticed this behaviour due to values < 0.

You don't use Dimension limits.

You use expression

If(RangeSum(Above(Sum(Sales),0,RowNo()))/Sum(TOTAL Sales) <= 0.8,Sum(Sales))

Dimension Product