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Display Data Quarterly (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4) in the chart

Hi All,


I need to display my data as how many items got delivered for that product in that quarter of the year
for example if 2 Product A were delivred in March of that year we need to display count 2 in Q1 of that year.

Here is the sample data
Year   Product    DeliveryDate               Status
2018         A               Jan 1 2018             InTransit
2018         A                Feb 10 2018         Delivered
2018         B                Jan 1 2018           InTransit
2018         A                  Mar 1 2018         Delivered
2018         B                 Mar 10 2018       Delivered
2018         B               May 10 2018        Delivered

2019        A                Oct 10 2019          InTransit
2019        A                 Oct 20 2019         Delivered
2019        B                 Nov 21 2019        InTransit
2019         B                NOv 13 2019       Delivered
2019         B               Dec 16 2019        InTransit
2019        B                Dec 19 2019      Delivered

Display the products count delivered in the respective quarter

Year              Product          Q1      Q2          Q3         Q4
2018                  A                     2
                            B                    1           1

2019                   A                                                              1
                             B                                                              2



Thanks in advance

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Specialist III
Specialist III

If you already haven't created a Master Calendar, this is the first place to start.  Each date can be associated with a quarter and then it becomes  a simple chart accumulating on quarters.