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Display the names of the Suburbs within a radius of 5 kms


I have got a couple of questions.

I have attached my application which has 2 list boxes, 1 for the Origin Postal Code and the other for the Destination Postal Code.

When i do the selection, I show the distance between the 2 postal codes.

1. Now what I want to do is display the suburbs within the 5 kms radius based on the selection of my 1st list box. Is that possible?

2. I also want to show the equivalent map showing the suburbs within the 5kms radius.

Kindly someone who has worked on maps before please help.



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Creator II
Creator II

Please Ramkumar:

Search and read any post about implementing Google Maps in QlikView.

Good luck.


Master II
Master II


The problem is that your expression is 'static'.

First, remove all equal signs from your variables, to allow th expressions to be substituted instead of the calculated values.

Then correct the distance expression syntax to use the $-sign expansion and remove square brackets:


Now, this expression can be used in charts to calculate the distance for each pcode.

Also you can now use it in set analysis to select the pcodes relative to 5 km radius.