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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Draw a line on a chart with two coordinates


I have a simple chart that represents the sum of amounts for a given day. Easy.

Now I want to draw (in another expression) an extra line (see red line in pictures) that always goes from 

  • Coordinate 1: [smallest displayed date in the chart (i.e. 01/01/2021), Corresponding Y-value)
  • Coordinate 2: [largest displayed date in the chart (i.e. 01/05/2021), fixed '0.1' value).

regardless the selection made. Is that possible? How?


Thank you very much.



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The easiest and fastest way to achieve this is following the answer provided in this post [1]. This answer states that you can use the Line\Arrow object with the background color set to Transparent. Then you will have the following outcome: 




I hope that this information was helpful. In case I have misunderstood the use case scenario, please elaborate in details by providing additional information. However, if it has helped you resolve the issue, please mark it as accepted solution to give further visibility to other community members. 




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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II


Sorry for not replying earlier; I've been taking a break during the winter holidays and missed out this post.

Actually, the line solution would be OK if the data was always the same... 

Maybe I confused you with the last sentence "regardless the selection made." (so let's forget about that one).

Basically I would need to make a forecast line, for which the line keeps on going in the future until it meets the 0 point of the y-axis (even if there was no dimension data present in the original dataset). Think of a burn down chart where you want mark the spot where all work should be done. I want to know and display that moment on the chart.

Hope that helps,



You will use a line chart when you want to emphasize changes in values for one variable (plotted on the vertical axis) for continuous values of a second variable (plotted on the horizontal). ePayitonline This emphasis on patterns of change is sold by line segments moving consistently from left to right and observing the slopes of the lines moving up or down.