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Contributor III
Contributor III

Drill down Group and Limits

Is it possible to have Dimension Limit or Presentation - Max number only show X rows/results at the top drill level and then have no limits as drilled?

So I have For example I have Drill down with 3 levels, 1, 2 & 3 at level 1 (ie no drill) I only want to see the top 3 largest results based on the expression (there is just 1 sum expression resulting in a money amount).  When I drill down to level 2 and 3 I want no limits on results but just the data related to the item selected at level 1.

If the above is not possible I would settle for having no limits but when I drill down to level 2 just see the results relating to the item selected at level 1 (currently I get all level 2 results relating to all level 1 items)

Sure there is a simple solution I'm missing....

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I think this might be possible using multiple dimensions (or multiple drill down dimensions)

Contributor III
Contributor III


...Like using conditional show so when first Dim is selected it hides and shows a second without the limits?


Ya something along those lines....



Please check below it may give solution.

In dimension limits tab, instead of 10, write the bellow expression



Did you resolved the issue, post the solution.