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Dropdown select in an input field (not input box)?

Is it possible to create an input field with a predefined list of values that can be selected from a dropdown box?

I know how to do this with an input box but I need to do the same with an input field.

The aim here is to have a table box with multiple fields and to include a couple of input fields which ask the user certain questions. The user would select a Yes/No value from a dropdown on a row by row basis and each selection would have no impact on the current selections in the dashboard.

Once the user is finished making all of their selections they would click on a button which will export the table box to an excel file and save it to a predefined location.


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I think this won't be possible and you will be rather need an extension like this: SQL Writeback from QlikView extension object.

- Marcus

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Thanks Marcus, I thought it was a longshot but said I would check anyway. The above solution won't work for me in this case but thanks for bringing it to my attention

Creator III
Creator III

You can't have multiple values in the input field. I had to do something similar recently and had to create a button that called up a small web app to do this - you can of course pass parameters to that. When the web app closes, you can return the user to the QlikView tab he was on.


- Create Excel File which you want to show in input box

- Load inline  this table

- Create Input box -> go to Constraints -> Tick Predefined Values from drop down Option

Click on List Values

=Concat( YourField,',')

Hope this resolve your requirement.