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Dropdown select on Dimension on stright table disappear on Accesspoint

Dear Team,

Please help and advise.

Using QV11 SR13.

IN straight table I have kept  Dropdown select on Dimension  and it appears on desktop client.

But as soon I open the model  on Access poitnt "DROPDOWN"" on dimesion does not appear.I don't have any clue why ths is happning?Please advise.

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Strange but you can raise a ticket with Qlik regarding this might be a technical issue.



Hi Avinash,

Could be an SR13 issue. We had a number of issues with moving over from SR6 to SR13.

Maybe check the attached release notes for SR14 for the issues resolved from SR13 and previous versions.

Have you tried rebooting Qv services and restarting your browser or creating a custom object on AJAX and adding dropdown select?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Avinash

This is an old post but I just came across the same issue in QV 12.20.20400.0.  In QlikView desktop the drop down select arrows were present, on the AccessPoint they were no where to be seen.

I was able to fix it by changing the settings on the straight table for Sort Indicator, Selection Indicators and the Null and Missing symbols to as per below.

Just in case anyone else finds their way here.


drop down error.png