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Dynamic start date/end date input from user


I have a requirement in qlikview, i need to take inputs/selections from user and then those selections/inputs are to be used as source in some other report , this new report will be provided to some other users.

I have a product category drop down where user can select a single product category (ex-soft drinks,fast foods etc), each category will have different products and on each product different promotions will run.


1) User selects a category and all promotions and products corresponding to that category will be listed in a table.User is provided with accept checkboxes where user can accept a particular promotion, these accepted promotions are then passed to some other report.

2) Now say a user selects soft drink category- it contains 9 products which have different promotions running on them, a table will be listed with all 9 products and promotions. Along with checkboxes we have to provide user with a drop down along with each row of table for choosing start date and end date for each promotion which he wants to accept.

As this is going to be dynamic because promotions and products will change as per user category selection, we cannot provide dynamic drop-downs, moreover this start date and end date is not at all linked with product/promotion in any table as we are just giving calendar dates and taking user's input. These inputs are just presented in separate table in separate report to some other users.

How can i achieve this? Requirement 1 is easily possible using option 1, but stuck with requirement 2.


option-1- For accept checkboxes functionality, Promotion field can be used in listbox with checkboxes. When user selects a checkbox for a promotion then that selected promotion can be passed as edx to other report.

option-1 - Tried of using input field by providing start date and end date columns in table itself and user can change dates, but here input field does not work with date type fields. Also how can we store these input date fields in variable to pass them as edx?

option-2 - Using edx parameters to pass selections to other report (it works fine with passing products and promotions details), but how to link start date, end date for each product as user has flexibility to choose date for each product/promotion and it is not at all linked.

Please suggest options, is there any way where we provide user option of filing start date and end date as inputs and then at database level we store some default start date , end date column for each product and it just updates that default value directly in database with the user selected value?

Attaching screenshot of the requirement for reference.

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