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Easy Extract Information Density and Subset Ratio

Is there any way to simple extract the information density and subset ratio information for each column in each table in QV?

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Please check the below link

Re: Chart with count of $Field values

Specialist II
Specialist II


There is no way we can extract the information from Table Viewer in Qlikview. It is just for viewing purpose.


We can write some expressions on the UI layer to get the Inf. Density and SS

Please see here

1. Load some data from file/DB


List box with expression as =[$(=minstring($Field))]

Label as


3. Create Pivot Table with no dimension and expressions as

Label: Distinct Values

Expression: count(DISTINCT [$(=minstring($Field))])

Label: Null Values

Expression: sum(if(isnull( [$(=minstring($Field))]), 1, 0))



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Partner - Champion III

I think there is no way to calculate Subset Ratio's using QV objects and dimensions/expressions. Those things typically make use of fields (all values thrown together) while a subset ratio tells you how many values appear in a field instance in a particular internal table.

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Well guys thank you all for your help - all helpful answers, alas no possible way to extract that information as is. The only solution I came up with which was useful to a point was a straight table with $Fields as a dimension, and then have a couple of expressions which were count($Fields), count(DISTINCT $Fields) and then count(DISTINCT $Fields)/count($Fields) to show where fields held the same value which is some sort of information integrity measure rather than density. Thanks guys anyway, useful chat.


You are wrong.. this did not work. the expressions are base less and a waste of time.