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Email alerts: Sending on open instead of reload


I'm using the build in email alert system in qlikview but ran into a frustrating issue.

I've checked the box "On Post Reload", but when I open the qlikview file the emails are being sent out. This only occurs if the file has changed since last time. For example, I always modify the file in a developer directory, then I copy over it into the "real" directory. When I open the file after I've moved it inside the "real" directory, it sends out emails on open.

I've tried with different modes (Interactive and/or batch) and different trigger levels.

I'm extremely gratetful for any advice.


3 Replies
Creator II
Creator II

I get the same problem (alerts only send upon open, even though they are set for post reload).  Did you ever find a solution?

Creator III
Creator III

Wondering if anyone has an update on this.

I have the same issue.  QV 12.2.  On Post Reload is checked, but it sends an alert On Open and after the reload.


Creator III
Creator III

I worked with Qlikview support.  Unchecked the Interactive checkbox and it no longer sends a notification on Open.