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Entering text into a pivot or straight table

Hi All,

I have a straight table and in one of the columns I have to enter text in the fields.

Is this possible?

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try to use an inputfield:


A field may flagged as an input field by listing it in an inputfield statement before it is referenced in any load or select statements.

Input fields behave somewhat differently from regular fields. The most important difference is their ability to accept changes in field values, interactively or programmatically, without running the script. Field values must be loaded into the field via load or select statements. Each field value loaded in the script will create a placeholder for a field value replacement value. Only existing field values can thus be changed interactively or programmatically. In input fields all field values will be treated as distinct, regardless if several have the same value.

Hope this help


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Could you tell me how to use an inputfield?

Thanks in advance.


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In your load-script, you can declare a field as an input field before loading it:

Try this loading and creating a list box (table box) for Type:

Inputfield Type;
Load * inline
[Val, Type
10, A
100, A
1000, A
20, B
50, C
500, C
220, D
100, D


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Can this key word be used in a load-script based on database?

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Hi Chris Ge,

yes, its possible for every Field. It does'nt depend on the source.