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Error During the accessesing the Access point through IE 9

Dear All,

I am new in QlikView and I am facing some QV Server Tunneling Error,

My QLikView Server Version is 11.2 SR 3, when i tried to log through IE 9 plug in the access point is not able to open it is displaying the following error.


Alok Kumar

2 Replies

mostly a temporary issue.. did you try accessing multiple times.. also.. check the plugin version that you have on the machine..


Hi ,

This may be happening bcz

The port 4747 on the server is open but is blocked in the firewall, so internal users i.e intranet users were able to open the document, but external users failed as there request were not allowed to enter.

It is strange to notice that with qlikview 10 external users were able to enter just with port 80, but with qlikview 11 it is asking for 4747 as well.

just check with I.T admin he can open 4747 on firewall

It may help.