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Error: safety settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain

In a macro I am calling a procedure in the oracle database. In the developper it works correctly, but after deploying and accessing via IE I get the message "safety settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain".

I've enabled "access datasources across domains" in the internet options on the client.

In the module editer I've set "allow system access" and "system access".

The macro looks as follows:

sub WriteToDatabase

dim sConn, oConn

    Set oConn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

    sConn = "Provider=OraOLEDB.Oracle.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=" & vUserID & ";Password=" & vPassword & ";Data Source=" & vDataSource & ";"

    oConn.Open sConn

    sSQL="procedure_name('" & var1 & "'),'" &  var2 & "')"




    Set oConn = Nothing

end sub

Note: the called procedure writes in the database.

Any ideas how to prevent this message?

Thanks, Nor.

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Contributor III

Hey Nor,

I get the same message from oneof my users.

Have you found a solution?

Best regards


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No, I'm sorry. I've created a very dirty workaround to solve this problem and now I don't use a macro but call the procedure in the script.


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Hi Norarth and Eran,

Sorry for digging this old post up, but I am currently having the same issue.

Did someone find a solution to use a macro ?

Note : the macro is working when I am connected with the server administrator.



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Contributor III


This worked well for me.

Modify the internet options in IE:

Go to Internet options -- Security Tab -- Select Internet and Local Intranet -- click Custom Level (button ) -- Miscellaneous -- select enable for Access data source across domains.

After that I reopened theQLIKVIEW model.

For me it worked..

Good Luck


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Thx Eran for your answer, but this solution didn't work for me.

Strangely it is working for the server administrator.

Has anyone another idea ?



There is a general script setting in QlikView, that will override the Macro  Editor access setting. This setting is commonly set the first time QlikView is  used to run macros, and is set on a user by user basis hence could generate the  different behaviour for different users.

1. Login to Windows with  the user you want to change the access right for
2. Open QlikView desktop  client
3. Open the QVW application
4. Press Ctrl + Shift + M
5.  Change the Macro Module security setting



I've the same problem...

I access the qvw document by IE pluging how can I set up it to avoid that problem?

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Hi Matteo,

You will need to open the application on your server and press Ctrl + Shift + M.

You just need to do that one time.



Thank you,

I’ll try as soon as possible.

I hope that help! ☺

Da: benoit_fr

Inviato: mercoledì 19 settembre 2012 09:58

A: Matteo Fioroni

Oggetto: - Re: Error: safety settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain


Re: Error: safety settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain

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