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Error when updating report data

Good day,

I started getting the error below when trying to update the data for use of my reports:

2018-08-07T09:07:00 QlikView Data file conversion

2018-08-07T09:07:00 Recreate Memo file ADOMEMOS in 0.349 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:00 Created ADOSIZE in 0.015 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:00 Created ADOSEASON in 0.064 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:00 Created ADODIVISION in 0.059 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:03 Created ADOCODE.. in 2.485 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:03 Created ADOVENDOR in 0.158 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:05 Created ADOSCALE, ADOSCALEH in 2.029 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:07 Created ADOCOLOR in 1.504 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:55 QV_STYLE() returned error code in 48.380 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:55 FSing... in 0.025 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:55 Error in QV_STYLE() User Thrown Error . in 0.000 seconds..

2018-08-07T09:07:55 User Thrown Error . at line 186

I have 3 datasets, the other 2 update no issue and I can load the fresh data into the reports. For some reason the 3rd data set has an issue.

I am hoping someone can shed some light on how I can resolve this.



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Champion III
Champion III

Can you share your document log file if possible please. So when you run this dashboard there will be a document log generated. If not, you have to check the option Generate log file from document properties General tap and check that option and reload the qvw file.