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Execute Various Lines in same cmd sesion

Hello everyone,

I want to use the Execute comand of QV in order to copy a file from one path to another but I have 2 problems:

1- My path contains spaces

2- My file has dinamical name such as Name(Date).

3- I have to set a proxy to acces to the DB.

I tryed to create a . bat file but since my path contains spaces and i have to create the file dinamicaly Is not possible. The reason is that QV is adding extra " on the path and then the console does not recognize it as a path. I have read Extra double quotes when store as TXT | Qlik Community but using a .xml file i have then to convert it to .bat in order to use us it bu I can't do that becaus the path contains spaces.

I think that the simplest way to do this is with various lines in the same comand sesion:

EXECUTE cmd.exe /C set  ProxyVar=ProxyPath


Is it possible? There is a way to save the .bat file without the extra "?

Thank you

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Seems like QV does not like to concatenate the Set proxy statement because :

execute cmd /c  "pause && pause";

Works but not:

execute cmd /c  "set  Proxy=ProxyWebPath && pause";

Specialist III
Specialist III

the two variables are defined in your Windows environment ?


Finaly I got to a solution:

Given a Bat File like:

Set Proxy=ProxyWebPath

Copy  FromPath\Filename%1 FromPath\Filename%1

Where %1 is a variable that can be introduced to the .bat file after executing the bat file and with a space in between like:

BatFilePaht\Document.bat VariableValue

So the solution is:

Execute cmd /c  " "BatFilePaht\Save.bat" $(vDateText) ";

Thank You both for your help