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Execution order of actions

Is there any way to control the order that actions are run or should I go back to macros?

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Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

No, it is not a bug. It works different. To switch variables A with B, simply assign

  • Variable A = Variable B
  • Variable B = Variable A

No 3rd Variable in the game. It has to do with the time when the new settings become effective. As long as the action block is being executed (has not reached the last action), none of the changes on fields and values become active. They are "prepared" in a separate state, which at the end gets applied. Therefore, the above actions will do.

-best regards


Thanks Christof,

I tried your solution and it works ! Thanks for that.

I was too much confused with the promote and demote options. But now I understand that they do not apply on the execution order (it still is confusing in my humble opinion).

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Should give him an a usefull or correct answer. And thanks Christof!

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Has there been any updates (planned or otherwise) that would fix this issue? 


Is there any update related to this Bug in SR 12 - Nov 2017 release?




Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

I don't believe there is any identified bug here. The effect of actions are intentionally isolated until the action block ends to avoid endless cascading. 


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Rob and everyone!

Do you guys know if this behavior also applies to Qlik Sense?

I have set a few actions to be executed when clicking a button, and I'm getting unexpected results. I think it has to do with Qlik Sense not waiting until finishing an action to start the next one.

Is all this related to the multithreaded nature of both QlikView and Qlik Sense?