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Contributor II
Contributor II

Export dimension as numbers to Excel in a pivot table


I have a pivot table and I wish to export my dimensions as numbers to excel... For example, i want my ID-dimension to be a Number in excel.

Right now all dimensions appears as "General" in Excel after the export.

I have no problems exporting the expressions, in the pivot table, as numbers, but it just wont work for the dimensions...

What are the neccesary requirements in order to get this to work?

Or is it not possible in Qlikview? Not first time I've had problems with exporting to excel in QV.

I have tried to set, in the easter egg options:

ExportFormat = 1

ExcelExportMixedAsTest = 1

In my loading script i'm using the num() function for the dimension field.


Also in the dimension tab, for the pivot table, i have tried to explicit type num(personId) for the dimension.

I have also set the field in Document Settings... -> Numbers -> personId to number format, with no avail...


- Is it possible to export dimensions as numbers in excel

- If it is possible, what values has to be set?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Master II
Master II

can u share a sample qvw?


change   easter egg ExcelExportMixedAsTest = 0 it should work.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks, but I've tried that and it dosen't work.

See picture below, it's still "general" format for the dimension. And I want it to be Excels Number format..


Any more ideas?